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Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Coaching

On Location in Los Angeles or Remotely, via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or Phone

Business Professionals

 Get help with presentation

 skills by learning:

  • which words to stress

  • how to use intonation to your advantage

  • expressions commonly used in business contexts

For Actors

Get help with your lines and characters by learning:

  • how to use spacing and linking to sound more authentic

  • how to use intonation in different dramatic contexts

  • how to clearly pronounce sounds that you may not have in your language

For International Students

Get help with your course work by learning:

  • academic discussion skills

  • presentation skills

  • how to clearly pronounce and use important vocabulary for your specific area of study

For the past 20 years, Shelley has worked with international students, actors and  business professionals from all around the world. Clients have come from Russia, Japan, Italy, France, Taiwan, China and South Korea to name only a few. Using a highly personalized approach, Shelley has helped countless students reach and exceed their English speaking goals.  For rates and more information, contact here.

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