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A blind girl and a Haida boy struggle to survive after being shipwrecked on opposite sides of a desolate island on the West coast of British Columbia in the middle of winter. Determination, perseverance, hope, and friendship are the cornerstones of this exciting story, suitable for all ages, now available on AUDIBLE!

Think there's nothing worse than becoming like your mother? Try being possessed by her spirit.

USA Today best-selling author Ash Krafton is bringing a new twist to the old swish-and-flick.... Magic is all in the way you cast it in Takin' It Back, her newest urban fantasy novel!

Now available on AUDIBLE!

Hidden abilities, haunting memories, and one confused girl...

Tomb Raider meets Touched in The Artifact Reaper Saga, a four-book paranormal read for those who love a dark twist.

Now available on AUDIBLE!

An intriguing stranger. A time machine. A young woman intent on reclaiming her old life by stopping the mass shooter who took the life of her love. What could possibly go wrong?

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Two sisters. One destined for the crown, one doomed to silence. Listen now to the exciting beginning of the NeverMind Trilogy, now available on AUDIBLE!

Two sisters. One thirsty for power. The other drained of her powers. The story continues in this, book two of the NeverMind Trilogy, now available on AUDIBLE!